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Motivation & Skill Development

Learning is not easy. Also. the hardest part in the journey of learning is to start. To get up. But believe me, once you start doing your work, your mind starts adjusting. It is a miracle we often underestimate. So, do you need some motivation to get started with all the learning? Go ahead.

School Education

Everything starts with schooling. And should end with the right one. We at Shikshastra will help you with textbook summaries, help you solve the questions and give you an idea of all the career options you have after class 12.

Skill Development

Developing skills is an important part of our lives. Be it reading skill or listening skill, every thing is important and hones you as an individual. This section will be your guide for the same. You can also get some book suggestions from here.

Competitive Exam Preparation

Every exam needs a thorough preparation and smart work. We are here to provide you with all the content and strategy needed to excel in such examinations. All you have to do is work hard.

Explore Lifestyle Categories

Who said what you learn in schools is the only education you need? We all are different. We all want to pursue different careers. What might work for some might never work for others. There are so many of us who want to become makeup artists and designers. This section is specially curated for all such people. You have all the liberty to learn whatever you want. Just begin.


Allow art to be the window to your soul. Learn art, craft, DIYs, jewellery making and much more.

A-Z List of courses

Save yourself from the hassles of going through each and every category. This section will give you an entire list of posts and videos uploaded on the platform.

A Blog From The Founder

Be a knowledge bank. The only bank in the world where thieves won’t be able to steal anything. The only bank in the world which without your consent won’t be able to let anything out. That’s your mind. People can steal away your belongings, your materialistic things but what about the knowledge that you have acquired throughout the years? Will they be able to steal it away from you without your permission? But yes, you can help a lot of needy with this bank of yours. Your greatest asset. Gain skills & education and then pass it on to the others. Let us all be KNOWLEDGE BANKS. Give what you have and take in what you can through hard work and perseverence.

Rajal Patel